Poly to organise ‘Tour de Scunthorpe’

Scunthorpe Poly are to organise North Lincolnshire’s only stage race, the ‘Tour de Scunthorpe’.

The 3 day event will take place around some of Scunthorpe’s most famous landmarks.

Organiser’s said ‘This event will showcase the pinnacle of Scunthorpe’s attractions, with Stage 1 taking a loop round ‘Gallagher Retail Park’ before the brutal climb up Kingsway where we’re expecting huge crowds, before heading down to the Steel Works.’

‘Stage 2 will be a time trial. ‘Again, we’re looking to draw huge crowds by taking a route out of town and up the Col de Kirton Lindsey. That should really see riders struggle and will be a great spot to get a photograph of your heroes really suffering’.

Stage 3 will feature a town centre criterium which will really help put Scunthorpe on the map. ‘We are hoping to get all the street furniture removed so we can ride up the pedestrianised High Street, taking in the numerous pound shops, and cash for gold shops, before heading up past ‘The Light’ and ‘Lidl’ – we were hoping to really show off ‘Henry’s, but sadly that’s earmarked to be demolished.’

There was a mixed response from local cyclists.

‘It’s great’, said one, ‘we’ve never had anything like this in our area I’m really looking forward to it’

‘I’ve worked hard, even gone out in dangerous conditions to get some of my KOM’s’, said another, ‘just for these guys to come along and take them all off me. It’s a sad day for cycling in this area, they’ll be put on the shelf’

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