New Tuesday Evening Chain Gang

The first of a new Tuesday night training ride will take place on 14th April 2015.

Meeting at the shops in Bottesford at 6:00pm initially, ┬áthe ride will be a ‘chain gang’ style ride at a brisk pace riding ‘through and off’ for around an hour. We may start the rides later, and train for longer as the daylight allows, but bring lights if you have them.

The ride will head over to a circuit based down the river bank (see pic) where the training will start. We should be able to cover 4 laps of the 6 mile circuit in just over an hour.

While the training on the circuit will be at a fairly quick pace, IT IS NOT A RACE, and will offer an opportunity for riders to hone their skills riding in a group and learn from more experienced riders. If you get dropped, you can continue at your own pace, or reverse round the circuit and wait for the group to catch you coming round again.

Other circuits are also open for consideration. Keep your eyes peeled on here and our Facebook page.

See you there.

River Trent Training Circuit

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