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Lincolnshire Time Trial Dates 2016

The list of approved Open time trial events in the Lincolnshire District for 2016 has been released.

Events in bold are championship events. For events of 100 miles or 12 hours a nominated event should be used.

Date Day Course Distance Start Promoting Club Entry Fee
12-Mar-16 Saturday C10/27 10 14:00 Scunthorpe Road Club £8.00
20-Mar-16 Sunday CS/9 27 09:00 Spalding CC £8.00
26-Mar-16 Saturday C10/10 10 14:00 Sleaford Wheelers CC (CHARITY) £8.00
03-Apr-16 Sunday C25/10 25 9:00 Alford Wheelers CC £8.00
16-Apr-16 Saturday CS/12 30km 13:00 LINCS RRA (2 Up TTT) £16.00
30-Apr-16 Saturday C25/22 25 14:00 T A East (Tricycles & Tandems only) £8.00
30-Apr-16 Saturday C25/22 25 14:00 Lincoln Wheelers CC (pre 1980 spec) £8.00
7-May-16 Saturday C10/7 10 14:00 Barton Wheelers CC £8.00
15-May-16 Sunday C10/10 10 9:00 Bourne Wheelers £8.00
22-May-16 Sunday C10/9 10 9:00 Lincolnshire RRA £8.00
29-May-16 Sunday C25/– 25 08:00 Scunthorpe Road Club £8.00
4-Jun-16 Saturday C10/10 10 14:00 Witham Wheelers £8.00
11-Jun-16 Saturday C50/2 50 13:00 Lincolnshire RRA £8.00
18-Jun-16 Saturday C10/4 10 14:00 Lindsey Roads CC £8.00
28-Jun-16 Tuesday C10/11 10 19:30 GHS DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP (Bourne Wheelers) £5.00
2-Jul-16 Saturday C25/22 25 14:00 Witham Wheelers CC £8.00
3-Jul-16 Sunday C50/8 50 08:00 Scunthorpe Road Club £8.00
9-Jul-16 Saturday C10/28 10 14:00 Lincoln Wheelers (CHARITY) £8.00
17-Jul-16 Sunday C25/35 25 08:00 Sleaford Wheelers CC £8.50
24-Jul-16 Sunday C25/35 25 9:00 Spalding CC £8.00
31-Jul-16 Sunday C50/2 50 9:00 Bourne Wheelers £8.00
7-Aug-16 Sunday C10/9 10 9:00 Alford Wheelers CC £8.00
14-Aug-16 Sunday C25/35 25 10:00 Bourne Wheelers £8.00
21-Aug-16 Sunday C25/27 25 09:00 Lincolnshire RRA £8.00
4-Sep-16 Sunday C30/1 30 09:00 Lincolnshire RRA £8.00
11-Sep-16 Sunday C25/3 25 10:00 Trent Valley RC £10.00
1-Oct-16 Saturday CHC/1 0.75 14:00 Lincoln Wheelers CC (Hill Climb) £7.50
8-Oct-16 Saturday C10/17 10 13:00 Lincoln Wheelers CC (Tandems & Tricycles) £8.00
9-Oct-16 Sunday C25/3 25 10:00 Lincoln Wheelers CC (Tandems & Tricycles) £8.00

Blyton Circuit Races 17/06/2015 Results

On the windy exposed Blyton circuit the field was well spread out. A small group of 6 riders merged together after catching Tobias Barlett who had been out on is own for 7 laps. This group shed two riders with 5 two go but were joined by Max Williamson (Bikebox) who had attacked from the main group & chased alone for 9 laps to join the group on the last lap.

This was a sterling effort which came to no avail, as whilst jocking for the sprint Max colided with Oliver Swan (G4 Acre RT) for them both to hit the deck with 500m to go, both re mounted to finish the race but missed out on the main places.

Olivers team mate Jonathan Bridge comfortable took the sprint from what was left of the group.

Dainiel Featherstone & Joel Candy (both Andy Moore Auto Centre Team) who where dropped from this group managed to hold of the chase group to take 5th & 6th spot with their team mate Adam Turner  leading in the chase group.

1 Jonathan Bridge G4 Acre
2 Tobias Bartlett BDCC
3 Mark Yale VC Revolution
4 Oliver Swan G4 Acre
5 Daniel Featherstone Andy Moore Auto RT
6 Joel Candy Andy Moore Auto RT
7 Adam Turner Andy Moore Auto RT
8 Richard Moore Squadra RT
9 Brian Fleming VC Lincoln
10 Xavier Scott Andy Moore Auto RT
11 Charlie Renshaw Bikebox
12 Callum Lawson Team Performance
Youth A, B
1 Liam Hindmarsh Team Performance
2 Kieran Hotson Flextech RT
3 Jasper Fray Squadra RT
4 Jamie Tune Bikebox
5 Will Beech Notts Clarion
6 Isabel Darvill VC Lincoln
7 Joseph Law Doncaster Whs
8 Euan Crehan Dinnington RC
9 Alice Standish VC Lincoln
10 Molly-May Parkinson VC Lincoln
11 Evelyn Oldale Worksop Whs
12 Sophie Hindmarsh Dinnington RC
Youth C, D, E
1 Rory Standish VC Lincoln
2 Finley Bass Newark Castle
3 Tyler Green Doncaster Whs
4 Noah Scott-Wright Featherstone RC
5 Leo Bass Newark Castle
6 Henry Binns BDM
7 Ethan Bishop Bolsover & District CC
8 Oliver Oldale Worksop Whs
9 Ffion Law Doncaster Whs

Blyton Circuit Races 6th June 2015 Results

On a breezy afternoon at the Blyton Motor racing circuit, Harry Browning (Witham Wheelers) took the win from Mark Yale (VC Revolution) and John Johnston (Matlock CC). In the Youths race, it was James Armstrong who emerged victorious. Well done to all the riders!

1 Harry Browning Witham Wheelers
2 Mark Yale VC Revolution
3 John Johnston Matlock CC
4 Adam Turner Andy Moore Auto Centres RT
5 Charlie Renshaw Bikebox
6 Callum Lawson Team Performance
7 Joel Candy Andy Moore Auto Centres RT
8 Richard Baldwin Cottingham Couriers
9 Phil Malt VC Lincoln
10 Jack Clay Matlock CC
11 Daniel Featherstone Andy Moore Auto Centres RT
12 Alexander Speirs Bikebox
13 Matt Hindmarsh Dinnington RC
14 Liam Hindmarsh Team Performance
15 Christopher Statham Matlock CC
16 Mark Cotton Ellmore Factory Racing
17 Andy Moore Andy Moore Auto Centres RT
18 Victoria Hood Team Jadan

Youth A and B

1 James Armstrong VC Lincoln
2 Liam Hindmarsh Team Performance
3 Jasper Frary Squadra RT
4 Luke O’Connell East Bradford CC
5 Joseph Law Doncaster Whs
6 Alice Standish VC Lincoln

Blyton Circuit Race Series 3rd June 2015 Results

Results of the Blyton Circuit Races for 3rd June 2015, with wins for David Shackleton, Liam Hindmarsh and Rory Standish.


1 David Shackleton Arctic Northwave
2 David Bolland Claycross RT
3 Tom Mazzone Polypipe CT
4 Charlie Renshaw Bikebox
5 Neil Hunt Flextech Ettridge Cycles
6 David Brearley Team Vertex
7 Max Williamson Bikebox
8 Joseph White G4 Acre RT
9 Adam Turner Andy Moore Auto Centre
10 Joel Candy Bolsover & District CC

Youth A, B

1 Liam Hindmarsh Andy Moore Auto Centre
2 James Armstrong VC Lincoln
3 Kieran Hotson Flextech Ettridge Cycles
4 Luke Hind Bolsover & District CC
5 Joeph Law Doncaster Whs
6 Euan Crehan Dinnington RC
7 Isabel Darvill VC Lincoln
8 Molly-May Parkinson VC Lincoln
9 Evelyn Oldale Worksop Whs

Youth C, D, E

1 Rory Standish VC Lincoln
2 Alexander Armstrong VC Lincoln
3 Noah Scott-Wright Featherstone RC
4 Tyler Green Doncaster Whs
5 Henry Binns BBM
6 Ffion Law Doncaster Whs

Blyton Circuit Races Event 1 Results – 6th May 2015

The first Blyton Circuit Race of the season promoted by Scunthorpe Poly CC was held in blustery conditions at the Blyton Race Track. Results below.

Next event 20th May 2015 – enter in advance here.


1 David Bolland Clay Cross RT
2 Liam Foster Arrow Cycles
3 Johnathan Bridge G4 Acre RT
4 Oliver Swan G4 Acre RT
5 Kieran Simcox Bike Box
6 Ryan Davis Sportclub Kuota
7 David Brearley Team Vetex
8 Adam Turner Andy Moore Auto Centre RT
9 Rob Webster Arrow Cycles
10 Joe White G4 Acre RT
11 Max Williamson Bike Box
12 Bryan Fleming VC Lincon
13 Callum Lawson Andy Moore Auto Centre RT
14 Neal Hunt Flextech Ettridge Cycles
15 Charlie Renshaw Bike Box
16 Andrew Shaw Out of the Saddle
17 Ian Russell Arrow Cycles
18 Mark Scoffin Team Cystic Fibrosis
19 Julian Grommet Squadra RT
20 Steve Wakefield Lindsey Rds
21 Sam Burman Team WNT
22 Robbie Sturdy VC Lincon

Youth A,B

1 Liam Hindmarsh Andy Moore Auto Centre RT
2 Kieran Hotson Flextech Ettridge Cycles
3 Christopher Durham Lincsquad
4 Jasper Frary Squadra RT
5 Luke Hind Bolsover & District CC
6 Joe Law Doncaster Whs
7 Will Beech Nottigham Clarion
8 Euan Crehan Dinnington RC
9 Alice Standish VC Lincoln
10 Carter Howe Heanor Clarion
11 Evelyn Oldale Worksop Whs CC
12 Molly-May Parkinson Lincoln velo

Youth C,D,E

1 Rory Standish VC Lincoln
2 Noah Scott-Wright Featherstone RC
3 Ethan Bishop Bolsover & District CC

Poly to organise ‘Tour de Scunthorpe’

Scunthorpe Poly are to organise North Lincolnshire’s only stage race, the ‘Tour de Scunthorpe’.

The 3 day event will take place around some of Scunthorpe’s most famous landmarks.

Organiser’s said ‘This event will showcase the pinnacle of Scunthorpe’s attractions, with Stage 1 taking a loop round ‘Gallagher Retail Park’ before the brutal climb up Kingsway where we’re expecting huge crowds, before heading down to the Steel Works.’

‘Stage 2 will be a time trial. ‘Again, we’re looking to draw huge crowds by taking a route out of town and up the Col de Kirton Lindsey. That should really see riders struggle and will be a great spot to get a photograph of your heroes really suffering’.

Stage 3 will feature a town centre criterium which will really help put Scunthorpe on the map. ‘We are hoping to get all the street furniture removed so we can ride up the pedestrianised High Street, taking in the numerous pound shops, and cash for gold shops, before heading up past ‘The Light’ and ‘Lidl’ – we were hoping to really show off ‘Henry’s, but sadly that’s earmarked to be demolished.’

There was a mixed response from local cyclists.

‘It’s great’, said one, ‘we’ve never had anything like this in our area I’m really looking forward to it’

‘I’ve worked hard, even gone out in dangerous conditions to get some of my KOM’s’, said another, ‘just for these guys to come along and take them all off me. It’s a sad day for cycling in this area, they’ll be put on the shelf’

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Blyton Circuit Race Series 2015

We will once again be running a series of circuit races at the Blyton Park Race Track in 2015. See below for dates. Events can be entered on-line via the British Cycling Web Site, by post, or on the day.

We have had to reschedule two events in July. These are indicated below with the new event dates in red.

6th Wed Blyton circuit races
20th Wed Blyton circuit races

3rd Wed Blyton circuit races
6th Sat Blyton circuit races
17th Wed Blyton circuit races

4th Sat Byton circuit races
15th Wed Blyton circuit races
21st Tue Blyton circuit races
29th Wed Byton circuit races

4th Tue Blyton circuit races
12th Wed Blyton circuit races
19th Wed Blyton circuit races