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New Tuesday Evening Chain Gang

The first of a new Tuesday night training ride will take place on 14th April 2015.

Meeting at the shops in Bottesford at 6:00pm initially,  the ride will be a ‘chain gang’ style ride at a brisk pace riding ‘through and off’ for around an hour. We may start the rides later, and train for longer as the daylight allows, but bring lights if you have them.

The ride will head over to a circuit based down the river bank (see pic) where the training will start. We should be able to cover 4 laps of the 6 mile circuit in just over an hour.

While the training on the circuit will be at a fairly quick pace, IT IS NOT A RACE, and will offer an opportunity for riders to hone their skills riding in a group and learn from more experienced riders. If you get dropped, you can continue at your own pace, or reverse round the circuit and wait for the group to catch you coming round again.

Other circuits are also open for consideration. Keep your eyes peeled on here and our Facebook page.

See you there.

River Trent Training Circuit

Robinson and Walker race Good Friday TT

Rich Robinson and Rich Walker will make the short trip to Hull to take part in the the City Road Club (Hull) annual Good Friday 10 mile TT on the fast V718 course on the A63 just outside of Hull.

Nationally renowned as one of the fastest course in the country the pair will be looking to gauge their form having raced on the course many times previously.

From a full field of 150 riders :

Rich Walker is number 21 off at 9:21
Rich Robinson is number 106 off at 10:46

Full start sheet available here.

Poly to organise ‘Tour de Scunthorpe’

Scunthorpe Poly are to organise North Lincolnshire’s only stage race, the ‘Tour de Scunthorpe’.

The 3 day event will take place around some of Scunthorpe’s most famous landmarks.

Organiser’s said ‘This event will showcase the pinnacle of Scunthorpe’s attractions, with Stage 1 taking a loop round ‘Gallagher Retail Park’ before the brutal climb up Kingsway where we’re expecting huge crowds, before heading down to the Steel Works.’

‘Stage 2 will be a time trial. ‘Again, we’re looking to draw huge crowds by taking a route out of town and up the Col de Kirton Lindsey. That should really see riders struggle and will be a great spot to get a photograph of your heroes really suffering’.

Stage 3 will feature a town centre criterium which will really help put Scunthorpe on the map. ‘We are hoping to get all the street furniture removed so we can ride up the pedestrianised High Street, taking in the numerous pound shops, and cash for gold shops, before heading up past ‘The Light’ and ‘Lidl’ – we were hoping to really show off ‘Henry’s, but sadly that’s earmarked to be demolished.’

There was a mixed response from local cyclists.

‘It’s great’, said one, ‘we’ve never had anything like this in our area I’m really looking forward to it’

‘I’ve worked hard, even gone out in dangerous conditions to get some of my KOM’s’, said another, ‘just for these guys to come along and take them all off me. It’s a sad day for cycling in this area, they’ll be put on the shelf’

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Rich Robinson takes 4th in first race

Persistent heavy rain, fresh winds and cold temperatures met the riders for the LRRA Middle Markers / Open 25 on Sunday 29th March 2015.

Rich Robinson was pleased with his effort for his first event of the season coming home 4th with a time of 58:19.

The event was won by Adam Gascoigne (Pedal Power Loughborough) in a very impressive 53:46.

1. Adam Gascoigne (Pedal Power Loughborough) 53:46
2. Joel Wainman (Team Swift) 55:43
3. Alex Colman (Arrow Cycles RT) 57:58
4. Richard Robinson (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 58:19
5. John Pilgrim (Witham Wheelers) 58:29
6. Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT / B & C Express) 58:50
7. Chris Ward (Spalding CC) 59:02
8. Stewart Gormley (Team Swift) 59:23
9. Phil Rayner (Welland Valley CC) 59:53
10. Gary Symons (Witham Wheelers) 59:59

Fastest Middle Marker was Andy Newham (Lincoln Wheelers) 1:02:46
Fastest Long Marker was Dan Carr (Boston Wheelers) 1:06:05

Full result can be found here.

Rich Robinson kicks off TT season

Richard Robinson will kick off his TT season this Sunday 29th March 2015 at the Lincolnshire RRA Middle Markers 25 on the C25/3 course near Saxilby, Lincoln.

With stiff competition from the likes of Joel Wainman (Team Swift) and Adam Gascoigne (Pedal Power Loughborough), and local fast men Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT), Pat Lince (Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT) and Alex Colman (Arrow Cycles), Rich will be looking to test his form after a mixed winter of illness and longer miles training for the Mallorca-312 sportive in April.

Full start sheet available here.

Rich Walker kicks off TT season

Rich Walker - Scunthorpe Poly CCRich Walker will commence his 2015 time trial campaign at the Bolsover and District 10 mile time trial on Saturday 21st March 2015.

In an extended field of 135 riders Bolsover have attracted a huge number of riders to their early season event on the O10/1 course at Hatfield.

Rich will ride with race number 40, off at 14:40 in a field of quality riders including Dan Barnett (drag2zero), Simon Beldon (Team Swift) and Robby Krygsman (Team Swift) among the favourites.

A copy of the start sheet has been made available here

Blyton Circuit Race Series 2015

We will once again be running a series of circuit races at the Blyton Park Race Track in 2015. See below for dates. Events can be entered on-line via the British Cycling Web Site, by post, or on the day.

We have had to reschedule two events in July. These are indicated below with the new event dates in red.

6th Wed Blyton circuit races
20th Wed Blyton circuit races

3rd Wed Blyton circuit races
6th Sat Blyton circuit races
17th Wed Blyton circuit races

4th Sat Byton circuit races
15th Wed Blyton circuit races
21st Tue Blyton circuit races
29th Wed Byton circuit races

4th Tue Blyton circuit races
12th Wed Blyton circuit races
19th Wed Blyton circuit races

Track League 2015

For 2015 we are organising  10 open Friday Night track meetings.

The events are all eligible for licence category points for placing in the first six in scratch events over 3km which is generally most of the races.

Events will be on the BC website and can be pre-entered on line or by post, or entry on the day £15 senior £10 youth. It is cheaper to pre enter, £12 & £8.

The track is booked for every Friday so it will be available for organised training sessions with the derny, when no event on.

Other track availability is still to be finalised with the new management team for the site.

Calendar of events :

1st Fri Track
4th Mon Track Trophy Meet
15th Fri Track
17th Sun Track Youth BC league
29th Fri Track

12th Fri Track
19th Fri Track

10th Fri Track
17th Fri Track

7th Fri Track
21st Fri Track

4th Fri Track

Club Run 14th September 2014

7 riders set out for the club ride on Sunday 14th September; Rich R, Tony P, Tony N, Steve, Roger, Chris and Dave.

With a slight easterly breeze the riders took the head wind on first and headed over to Caistor via Brandy Wharf, before tackling Mansgate Hill up to Caistor High Street. A tough little climb saw young Chris head up fastest, showing us older chaps how it’s done.

A nice blast down hill now past Great Limber and down to Humberside Airport where Tony, Tony, Steve and Roger turned to head back home, leaving Rich, Chris and Dave to add a few more miles on via Barton, and then picking up a welcome tailwind across Middlegate (with a brief stop for a puncture) and back down into Brigg.

With just short of 60 miles in the legs it was a good mornings work.

Caistor via Brandy Wharf, and back via Barton and Brigg
Caistor via Brandy Wharf, and back via Barton and Brigg