2015 Track League Dates

For 2015 we are organising  10 open Friday Night track meetings.

The events are all eligible for licence category points for placing in the first six in scratch events over 3km which is generally most of the races.

Events will be on the BC website and can be pre-entered on line or by post, or entry on the day £15 senior £10 youth. It is cheaper to pre enter, £12 & £8.

The track is booked for every Friday so it will be available for organised training sessions with the derny, when no event is on.

Racing starts at 7pm, with signing on from 6pm.

Calendar of events :

1st Fri Track
4th Mon Track Trophy Meet
15th Fri Track
17th Sun Track Youth BC league
29th Fri Track

12th Fri Track
19th Fri Track

10th Fri Track
17th Fri Track

7th Fri Track
21st Fri Track

4th Fri Track